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Name:Sacred Sexuality
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Frank and serious discussion on thoughts, experiences, ritual.
This community is a welcoming place for honest, exploratory discussion on all aspects of sacred sexuality. You are welcome if you have been practicing for years or whether this is the first time you've heard the term; if you are unpartnered or have one or multiple partners; if you are 16 or 60; vanilla or kinky; agnostic or polytheistic; and anywhere on the Kinsey Scale. We are not here to judge, only to learn.

While explicit discussion is welcome, we have not closed the community to those under 18; it's important that young adults first exploring their own sexuality be able to see the choices available for them. Nevertheless, this is also a moderated community, and the moderators reserve the right to delete posts or remove members that are not appropriate to the community's content and tone.

Due to the nature and content of this community, as well as to protect its members, joining the community requires approval of a moderator. As such, if there is no indication in your user profile that you have any interests in the subjects mentioned on this page, it is likely you will not have your membership accepted.

If your profile is not a good match for this community but if you are serious about learning and exploring this topic, please contact a moderator. We apologize if this seems complex, but members discuss personal and intimate topics and we do everything we can to ensure privacy and safety of the community itself.
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